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Cold Tomato Hot Toast Combo – #VeganMofo #vgnmf15 Tell us about a weird food combo that you love

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Tell us about a weird food combo that you love. Vegan MoFo Day Four.

Cold Tomato Hot Toast Combo

Cold Tomato Hot Toast Combo

Today’s prompt was a little hard for me. I don’t think I have any real weird food combinations that I love. I do however have a couple of “weird” food rituals that I cannot help but follow.

The first is my “Cold Tomato, Hot Toast” combo. This is a very selfish dish, but really, we are worth it and need to put ourselves first occasionally.

Now, while the combo of tomato on toast isn’t exactly earth shattering, the way I “have” to eat it is.

There is a very specific ritual that must be followed.

First: You must have a tomato that is as large (or as close as you can get to it) as the piece of toast you will be putting it on.

Second: The tomato must be cold. This means that you have to cut it quickly and have it ready to be placed on the toast.

Third: The toast must be hot, straight from the toaster…..

Fourth: The coconut oil must be room temperature and easy to spread on the toast

Finally: And this is the most important step. You Must be ready to eat this delicacy as soon as it is assemble

The toast is hot and crispy, the coconut oil is melted and buttery and the tomato is cold. This hot cold sensation in your mouth is wonderful.

Cold Tomato Hot Toast Combo

Cold Tomato Hot Toast Combo

My boyfriend knows that if I am making this, I cannot, “just come here….look at this…..or help out  for a second”. I don’t have a second to spare if I want this hot and cold combo to work. So while this is not a weird food combo, I have been told it is a weird ritual….:)





Hot Toast, Cold Tomato Combo

Serves one (never try and make this for more than one as the timing will not work)

2 slices toast (don’t cook until everything is ready)

room temp coconut oil to spread on the hot toast

1 large tomato, cold straight from the fridge, sliced in large slices

Have the tomato sliced and waiting on the side, make the toast, spread with coconut oil, top with cold tomato slices and eat Immediately.,.,.you can take a millisecond to add salt if you must.


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