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Coconut Oil, my all time favourite thing. #veganMoFo #vgnmf15 day 11, Focus on a nutritent

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Today’s prompt is “Focus on a nutrient”. I decided to loosley translate that into, my favourite food that has wonderful nutritional content. Enter, the King/Queen of the the nutrient world, the amazing coconut.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

I love all things coconut. I love the smell, body washes, shampoo’s, perfumes, bubble baths.

I love the taste, Lamingtons (if you are not Australian, you will probably not be familiar with these, but just know they are delicious and covered in coconut), young coconut meat, coconut milk,  CocoLatte (see my day one post).

I love the amazing end results of using coconut oil, soft skin, silky hair. Is there nothing this wonderful product cannot do?

Coconut water

Coconut water

I have added below some links to interesting sites I found regarding the use of coconut oil. I hope you enjoy browsing and learning some new ways to use Coconuts and Coconut oil.






10 Health benefits of using coconut oil.

David Wolfe and the benefits of using coconut oil and water

Dr Oz and the surprising benefits of coconut oil



One thought on “Coconut Oil, my all time favourite thing. #veganMoFo #vgnmf15 day 11, Focus on a nutritent

  1. I always open the jar of shredded coconut and have a big sniff. Love it!


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