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2014 Vegan MoFo round up


Mofo 2014 roundup.

Here is a quick summary of my Soup and Bread theme just in case you missed some.  Now it is time to sit back and relax for a while, probably with a nice glass of wine.

Thank you for dropping in.

And, the most exciting event during MoFo……waking up to a bear in my backyard.

Boo Boo Bear

Boo Boo Bear


4 thoughts on “2014 Vegan MoFo round up

  1. You had a bear in your backyard?! Holy crap! That is both awesome and terrifying 🙂 Your recipes look amazing, I’m definitely putting that thai coconut curry noodle soup on my menu plan for next week! I found you blog through VeganMofo, and I’ve nominated you for one of those Liebster awards over on my blog ( – hope you don’t mind 🙂 Feel free to ignore it if it’s not your kind of thing. I’m super glad that I found your blog though, your ‘recipe to do list’ looks surprisingly similar to mine 😉


    • Hi Kate, yes it was both exciting and scary at the same time….but he was a beautiful animal and I feel very lucky to have had the experience of seeing him up close.


  2. Whoa, that is exciting! Helloooooo bear!


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