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Meatless Monday…..yes, I know its only Friday, but…:)

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Yes, I know it is only Friday, but, with the long weekend looming ahead, the thought of a sizzling BBQ is on everyones mind.

Why not plan ahead and on this holiday Monday, experiement with one of the many wonderful healthy alternatives to meat burgers.

You could try my recently posted Meaty Mushroom BBQ Burger, which is totally delicious, and my current favourite.

Meaty Mushroom Burger

Meaty Mushroom Burger

Or, you can go to the Mealess Monday web site where you will find lots of great ideas. Click the logo below, and it will take you to thier BBQ cookbook. There are so many wonderful recipes there, you will run out of summer weekends before you run out of new burgers to try.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

Finally, as if all these great burgers are not enough, I am planning to make Vegan Chilli Fries from Cara, at her blog, Fork and Beans. These look so good, I can taste them already.


Chilli Fries

Chilli Fries

So, have a wonderful, safe,  long weekend everyone.


Tracy 🙂


One thought on “Meatless Monday…..yes, I know its only Friday, but…:)

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