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We were very happy to welcome my newest granddaughter into the world this week. Gracie is absolutely perfect. It never ceases to amaze me how this new little person arrives and it is as if she was always here.

On a different note, last year, way before we knew Gracie would be coming into our lives, I saw a website that advertised a Vegan Raw Food Festival. This was very exciting as I had just started to become interested in the idea of Raw Vegan foods. Unfortunately, I found this site about a month after the event, so I signed up to get updates for the 2013 festival.

Finally, the new information was up and posted for 2013 and I immediately booked June 8th and 9th into my calender.


Raw Vegan Festival Toronto

Raw Vegan Festival Toronto

A couple of months later we found out that Gracie was coming and she was due to arrive at the end of May. Perfect, I think, plenty of time for her to arrive and me to go to Toronto for my weekend of Vegan Food.

So, May came…..and went…..and still no Gracie. The doctor then decided he would induce Gracie’s mom on……you guessed it, June 7th, the very day I was planning to leave town to travel to Toronto.

Now, I am a firm believer in the power of the Universe. I believe that when one door closes, another opens. So, while disappointed that I would have to wait another year to attend this festival, I was happy that my little granddaughter was going to arrive. A couple of days later I went online to see if there might be another vegan event in Ottawa, or maybe Montreal.

remember, the “one door closes, one door opens theory”…..well, guess what I found?


Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival is being held in September. Well, as you already know from the beginning of this blog, Gracie has already arrived, so now I get to attend both of these wonderful events.

So, this weekend, I head to Toronto for a weekend of Raw Vegan inspiration, and in September I get to go again, but, more importantly, Gracie has arrived safe and sound and perfect.

Life is truly wonderful.

Tracy 🙂



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